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  • Conveyor belt for chemical plant

Conveyor belt for chemical plant



  1. Compared with the fabric core of the same strength, the belt has good flexibility and the requested drum diameter is small;

2. Choose galvanized open type steel wire rope and the adhesive material with excellent bonding function with the steel wire rope, so that the steel wire rope is closely combined with the core glue, impact resistance, long service life;

3. The preemptive production process is selected, the steel wire rope is placed evenly, the tension is common, the operation is balanced, and it is not easy to run off-center;

4. Participate in one or two layers of tear proof net according to the special request of the customer, in order to reduce the tear in the longitudinal of the delivery belt.

5. Application of wire rope conveyor belt: wire rope core conveyor belt is widely used in distribution occasions, cement, coal mines, quarries, mines, power plants, metallurgy, ports and chemical industries.

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