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  • Pvc Pvg Solid Woven Flame Retardant

Pvc Pvg Solid Woven Flame Retardant

Pvg pvc conveyer belt is made from the whole belt core via dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) dipping agent or sulfuration.




Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conveyor belts are the standard for the food industry and can be used for a whole range of basic food processing and handling applications.

PVC has developed into the third most widely produced plastic and is known for its durability and ease of use. PVC coated conveyor belts are best suited for material handling, bakery production applications, and meat, fish and dairy processing.

PVC conveyor belts are a type of conveyor belt with a synthetic fiber canvas core and a PVC plastic cover that conveys light or medium weight. The synthetic fiber cores used in this type of conveyor belt are polyester, nylon, vinyls, carbon fiber, etc. PVC conveyor belts generally consist of 1 to 3 layers of fabric, each with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.8 mm.

One of the main advantages of PVC conveyor belts is the wide performance bearing surface of the belt. In recent years, due to its high strength, low elongation and good temperature resistance, it has been widely used in PVC light conveyor belts.

These anti-static PVC belts have good chemical resistance and can also withstand hot water and steam. Flame-retardant versions are also available, depending on specific needs and conveyor belt manufacturers.

With limited abrasion resistance and limited resistance to solvents, oils and greases, PVC belts are best suited for processing fruits and vegetables and for simple operations with limited special requirements.

For those who are not aware of their food processing specifications, PVC belts are a reliable choice and offer a good price compared to other conveyor belts.

Pvg pvc conveyer belt is made from the whole belt core via dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) dipping agent or sulfuration. It features largely in the high strength, large freight volume and stable conveyance performance. Besides, it is fire retardant, anti-static, shock resistant, wearable and corrosion resistant.

Useage:It is mainly applicable for the underground well haulage of coal mines, and also the conveyance of materials for metallurgical and chemical industries. The whole core fire-retardant conveyer

belt is divided into two types: PVC & PVG conveyor belt  PVC type conveyer belt's upper and lower layers are PVC coating cover, single-sided tape thickness: ≥1.0mm; PVG type belt's upper and lower layers are nitrile rubber and PVC, single-sided tape thickness: 1.5mm-4.5mm.

PVC type conveyer belt's inclined angle: <16°;

PVG conveyer belt's inclined angle: <20°.

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Material handling is an important part of the production process. Using the right quality material handling products can improve the overall performance of your production, and HengGuang is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial conveyors and conveyor belts that can help companies improve their production performance and increase sales. We are using packaging conveyors, PVC non-slip sidewall conveyor belts, industrial PTFE conveyor belts, nylon mesh conveyor belts and related items. Conveyors are usually made of steel. We have experts to customize conveyors to customer requirements. The belts in our portfolio are made of PVC, nylon and similar materials.

PVC solid woven flame retardant

Standard MT914-2008Safety factor 10(Breaking strength*1/10)
The Slope <16°C
Standard typeDegreeBreaking strength≥,N/mmTensile yield≥,%Advising Mindiameter of Transmission Drum

Pvc solid woven flame retardant

Standard MT914-2008 BS3289 HG2805Safety factor 10(Breaking strength*1/10)
Standard typeDegreeThe slope <20°CRecommend minimum roller diameter
Breaking strength≥,N/mmTensile yield≥,%

Safe function:

Function NameThe alcohol combustionThe propane combustionElectrical conductivityThe roller rub
Standard valueAverage value≤3S,List value≤10S(Have no cover gum)a)≥600≤3X108Ω≤325°C
Average value≤5S,List value≤15S(Have no cover gum)b)≥50mm;≤140°C≤1250mmHave no Mars

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