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What are the requirements of belt conveyor for conveying materials?

Aug. 16, 2019

What are the requirements of belt conveyor for conveying materials? 

Belt conveyor must pay attention to the use of the process of conveying material characteristics. Today, Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer will introduce the belt conveyor material requirements.

Belt conveyors usually consider the general characteristics, density, large particle size, the presence of oil or chemicals when selecting transportation materials. Whether the material has certain corrosiveness, acidity, alkalinity and  cold resistance will affect the service life of the conveyor belt. Such as the cold-Resistant conveyor belt. In general, the tension of the conveyor belt can be limited. If the material has a large proportion and the conveyor belt cannot withstand the tension generated during the operation of the equipment, it is easy to destroy the conveyor belt. At this point, the choice of conveyor belt can be considered to be multilayer, with steel cord core.

Any equipment is in constant development, so is the belt conveyor. In recent years, belt conveyor technology has been significantly developed. The universities, research institutes and design institutes engaged in belt conveyor research are all engaged in the development of new conveyor design system. In the information technology era, people have seen some key technologies in the production of conveyor system to achieve a leap.

These advances include operational resistance calculation methods, standards, dynamic analysis, high pressure conveyor belt design, joint analysis, conveyor test bench development, buffering, cleaning and monitoring technologies. Belt conveyor has made new progress in long distance conveyor, turning conveyor, high strength inclined conveyor belt, high speed conveyor, tubular conveyor, two-way conveyor, vertical lift conveyor and air cushion belt conveyor.

Cotton Canvas Conveyor Belt

Cotton Canvas Conveyor Belt

A belt conveyor is a continuous conveyor. Continuous conveyor is one of the main types of fixed or transport conveyor. Its transport characteristics are the formation of continuous material flow between the loading point and the loading point, relying on continuous material flow. Complete the overall movement of the logistics delivery from the loading point to the unloading point. In industry, agriculture, transportation and other enterprises, continuous transport aircraft is an integral part of the rhythmic transport line in the production process.

At present, belt conveyor has been widely used in various fields of national economy. In recent years, belt conveyor has become an important part of the combined transportation system of open pit mine and underground mine. Wire rope belt conveyor, wire rope traction belt conveyor and unloading yard continuous conveying facilities. These conveyors have large conveying capacity, wide range of application, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, equipment maintenance and maintenance convenience, climbing ability, low operating cost characteristics. Infrastructure investment can be saved by reducing transport distances.

At present, the development trend of belt conveyor is: large conveying capacity, large bandwidth, large inclination Angle, single length increase, horizontal turnover, reasonable use of belt tension, reduce the energy consumption of material transportation, is the ideal method of cleaning tape.

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