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Talk about the development prospect of belt conveyor

Aug. 08, 2019

Talk about the development prospect of belt conveyor by Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer.

With the increasing demand for belt conveyor machinery, the demand for technical research and development of belt conveyor machinery industry in China is also increasing, and with the emphasis on safety production in China, belt conveyor has become the focus of monitoring and management, quality and performance and investment. The environment is improved, and the automation requirements of technology are increased accordingly. Overall industry quality has been more fully displayed and developed.

Belt conveyor which buy from China conveyer belt factory is extensive and diverse, suitable for the mechanical industry. The diversity of belt conveyors poses challenges to mechanical and control systems and is updating automation development requirements. In view of the current technological development, belt conveyors need to be produced online to combine discrete units into a continuous production process, reduce online logistics and eliminate intermediate links in processing and storage. Consumption has greatly improved efficiency. In this process, it is necessary to make full use of the monitoring effect of the automatic management system, so as to analyze the data quality data and energy consumption data in real time within the framework of the whole plant, and to carry out process improvement and achieve quality traceability and realize intelligent control.

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In the use of belt conveyor, the running state of deviation switch is directly related to the safety of equipment and personnel in the production process. Therefore, how to make the belt conveyor protection device in the production and operation process fully, safely play a role in safety protection, has very important practical significance. The belt conveyor is easy to run and slide. This is a common problem for users. These problems are likely to lead to belt fracture and other faults, and even affect the safety of personnel. The following small series will introduce the selection and installation of deviation switch, hope to help you.

The deviation switch of belt conveyor by conveyor China factory is a protective device, which is used to detect the deviation degree and alarm of belt conveyor in the process of belt conveyor running. It is also used to automatically trigger an emergency stop when the belt is seriously deviated. The deviation switch is fixed and installed on the supports on both sides of the belt conveyor at a certain interval. The roller part that deviates from the switch will deviate from the center after being pressed off by the edge of the conveyor belt, and the switch deflection will trigger contact when the roller deflects to a certain Angle. Action. It can detect different degrees of belt deviation and provide more information for the control system. The switch body with motion memory and motion state indication is preferred. Since the belt conveyor is dynamic, this function can easily determine the specific location of the belt deviation, analyze the cause of the deviation, and facilitate the debugging and maintenance of the equipment. The mounting bracket for the deviation switch shall be constructed so that the position of the deviation switch can be adjusted horizontally along the belt. This is to adjust the allowable deviation range according to the actual situation in the field.