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How to cooperate with belt conveyor and feeder?

Aug. 01, 2019

How to cooperate with belt conveyor and feeder?

The China Belt Conveyor Machine needs manual feeding or direct inflow in the working process. It is the material that enters the belt conveyor for lifting operation. Sometimes when manual feeding is used, it will cause huge manpower, so procurement is a good choice for the correct feeder, and the use of the feeder will also bring a significant increase in production efficiency.

China Belt Conveyor Machine

The belt conveyor needs uniform and quantitative feeding during the working period. The purpose of this is to ensure the normal and safe use of bucket elevator, and improve the service life and work efficiency of the machine. For different materials and different lifting power, feed intensity needs to be adjusted appropriately. Manual operation can not ensure the uniformity and quantification of feeding, so it is necessary to use batching machine; So what type of feeding machine, what are the structural characteristics? According to different methods of material measurement, general feeder can be divided into feeder and mass feeder. According to the continuity of feeding and batching operation, it can be divided into continuous feeder and intermittent feeder. According to the main structure, the feeder has box feeder, plate feeder, tray feeder, belt feeder, electromagnetic vibration feeder and slot feeder. In the selection, we should choose the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation to match the work of the bucket elevator.

In the manufacturing and research and development process of horizontal Belt Conveyor machine through continuous improvement, invention and creation, learning foreign technology, has achieved good results in the international market. For the crane, the main technology and components are the focus of the whole manufacturing process. After breaking through these important factors and technical difficulties, we can create more perfect mechanical products; In coal, grain and mining production, the quality requirements of the hoist are limited by the large amount of materials, long working hours and high working efficiency.