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Does the belt conveyor have a chain drive and place the sprocket horizontally?

Jul. 26, 2019

China Conveyor belt roller supplier shares that the upper and lower sprocket of belt conveyor as its very important parts is used to fix the chain and the important medium of hopper. The sprocket and chain together form the core of the hoist. The normal operation of sprocket will directly affect the lifting level.

There are two types of chain drives in the general manual, but in either case the sprockets are placed vertically. As a result, the chain meshes easily with the sprockets and is not horizontal.

Here is a discussion of upgrading technicians, engineers, design team members and most mechanical design enthusiasts:

Wang's technicians said: "if the chain drive is like this, how should the tensioning wheel be designed? I think if you put the optical axis on the chain and the chain is stretched, it can tensify, but it's not checked. Go to the tensioner. "

"A machine with this arrangement. It belongs to what is called mature design. As long as it tightens, it's usually fine. But there's usually a board underneath. But there's a gap between the chains that's not connected to them. "

Engineer wang: "do you think the chain is wear-resistant or the sleeve wear-resistant? I always thought the chain plate was not wear resistant, so I wanted to take a step on the optical axis. The thickness of this step is less than the distance between the chains. On top. "

China Conveyor belt roller supplier

Engineer Chen: "there are some CNC turret presses like this. Tensioning devices are used in different ways. It might be different. You can refer to it."

Chief engineer yue: "yes, there must be a tensioning device. You can try tightening the device. Can you change the center distance? Setting up a tension wheel is complicated. Is it possible to add a hole to the drive wheel? Then, can you bolt and tighten the bolts to change the center distance? "

Engineer xie: "this kind of structural technology is very mature. The device has many applications. Tensioning mechanisms come in many forms. You are advised to use a pitch sprocket for the tensioner."

Belt conveyor design enthusiast: "you can use sprockets to tighten. No problem. I just made a transmission like this. It's a transport chain. Bearings have been added to the bottom of the chain. The bearings are placed at the bottom of the chain. There are two types of sprockets, and some of the straight rollers at the top of the chain are narrower in the middle of the chain, otherwise the chain will crawl out.

Belt conveyor design enthusiasts: "some time ago there was a rotating platform. You have to add a tensioning block. At the same time, the tensioning block should have a support plate to support the chain. If this is the case, the motor mounting plate must be strengthened when the drive wheel is connected directly to the motor. In the early stages, the fixed plates are not strong enough to cause the chain to vibrate excessively. "

After some discussion, our technicians began to design and test the sprocket drive device when the sprocket wheel was placed horizontally. If you are interested in this area, please stay with us and we will share the latest designs with you. And test the results.

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