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History of double-sided tooth synchronous belt development

Jul. 20, 2019

History of double-sided tooth synchronous belt development shared by China Conveyor belt roller supplier.

Early in the early 1990s, the concept of double-sided tooth synchronous belt has been gradually formed. At that time, no matter from the design, technical conditions are not enough to develop the conditions of double-sided teeth, but some special areas of customers have put forward the idea of using this kind of synchronous belt. At that time in the international double-sided tooth synchronous belt has emerged, but can not collect relevant technical information and data.

The earliest prototype of double-sided synchronous belt is to adopt grinding technology to process double-sided teeth, that is, on the basis of the thickening of the original synchronous belt product with back, to grind out an approximate tooth shape with the formed grinding wheel. But from the user's use and information feedback, there are many defects, short life, not wear-resistant, tooth stripping phenomenon is serious, mesh bad and so on.

Conveyor belt for chemical plant

With the strong cooperation and support of the relevant scientific research units, domestic experts visited a large number of foreign transmission belt information to visit a number of transmission belt senior experts, solved the double-sided tooth synchronous belt molding process, vulcanization process and related supporting facilities and other problems. Products by the chemical industry tape quality supervision and inspection center inspection, all the indicators are in line with the standard requirements, and by the use of users, good response. In December 2003, double-sided synchronous belt through the municipal new product identification.

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