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Selection, commissioning and operation of belt conveyors

Dec. 17, 2019

First, the choice of belt conveyor model

(1) The weight of the conveyed object (including the weight of the spreader), its external dimensions and its hanging method;

(2) the length of the line and its complexity, that is, the number of horizontal turning sections and vertical bending sections;

(3) Environmental working conditions and working shifts of the conveyor;

(4) running speed and productivity of the conveyor;

(5) Special process requirements.

The power rubber lagged roller table is composed of a power roller barrel assembly, an aluminum side plate, a sheet rack, a draw rod, a bearing seat, a driving device and a chain. The unpowered roller table is composed of unpowered roller barrel components, aluminum side plates, sheet racks, tie rods and bearings. The driving roller drives the traction chain by the driving device, and the chain drives the sprocket on each power roller bucket to rotate, so as to work by rotating conveying. The unpowered roller table pushes and pulls the workpiece or the workpiece squeezes the workpiece and moves on the free roller.

Second, the commissioning of the belt conveyor steps:

(1) After installation of each equipment, carefully adjust the inclined belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the drawings.

(2) Fill each reducer and moving parts with corresponding lubricant.

(3) After the belt conveyor is installed to meet the requirements, each single device is manually commissioned and combined to debug the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the operation.

(4) Commission the electrical part of the belt conveyor.

Third, safe operation of belt conveyor

The belt conveyor has become one of the important equipment in the entire production process. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, small resistance, long life, convenient maintenance, complete protection devices are the salient features of belt conveyors.

Before the belt conveyor runs, first confirm that the belt conveyor equipment, personnel, and items being transported are in a safe and intact state; second, check that all moving parts are normal and free of foreign objects, and check that all electrical wiring is normal. The conveyor is put into operation. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the device does not exceed ± 5%.

 Inclined Belt Conveyor

 Inclined Belt Conveyor

When the belt conveyor is put into operation, the following operations must be performed:

1. Turn on the main power switch and check whether the power supply of the device is normal and the power indicator is on. After normal, proceed to the next operation.

2. Close the power switch of each circuit and check if it is normal. Under normal conditions: the device does not work, the belt conveyor operation indicator does not light, the power indicator of the inverter and other equipment is on, and the display panel of the inverter is normal (no fault code display).

3. Start each electrical equipment in turn according to the process flow. After the previous electrical equipment is started normally (the motor or other equipment has reached normal speed and normal state), start the next electrical equipment.

In the operation of the belt conveyor, the provisions of the articles in the design of the articles to be conveyed must be followed, and the design capacity of the belt conveyor machine must be observed. Secondly, we must pay attention that all types of personnel must not touch the moving part of the belt conveyor, and non-professionals must not touch the electrical components and control buttons at will. Finally, during the operation of the belt conveyor, it is not possible to open the back stage of the inverter. If it is determined that maintenance is required, it must be performed with the inverter stopped, otherwise the inverter may be damaged.

The belt conveyor stops running. Press the stop button to shut off the main power supply after the system is completely stopped.