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The Treatment of Rusty Roller Parts

Jan. 17, 2022

Impact Roller


Roller conveyors in the normal use of different performance and trends, in accordance with the normal development of space and trends in the actual delivery of important performance and trends. Roller conveyor in accordance with the normal use of parameters and processes for practical use, to ensure the actual use of performance parameters control.

1. Surface cleaning

cleaning must be combined with the properties of the roller bearing surface and the conditions at that time. Commonly used methods are the solvent cleaning method, the mechanical cleaning method, and the chemical treatment cleaning method.?


The surface is dry and cleaned and dried with filtered dry compressed air. Or with a dryer to 120 ~ 170 ℃ temperature drying. Finally, wipe dry with clean gauze. Roller bearings in conventional rollers are extremely susceptible to damage. So many users of the roller have complained about the quality of our roller bearings is not good. Trust SKF, NSK, and other foreign roller bearings. In fact, the speed of our roller is not high.Load is not large, no impact. General roller accessories roller bearing in the roller in the service life of up to 15 years or more.


2. Cleaning


When the roller bearing accessories removed inspection, the first use of photography and other methods to do the appearance of records.In addition, the amount of the remaining lubricant is checked and the lubricant is sampled and then the roller bearing is cleaned.


Idler transport aircraft in the actual use if it is rainy days, open-air conveyor belt easily stained with water. The roller of the conveyor, the roller is also relatively easy to wet. Rubber and the metal wet friction coefficient is relatively small. If the idler is not rotating or the roll is glued to the surface. Then the conveyor belt in the roller by the force will be uneven, or on both sides of the roller on the resistance is inconsistent, At this time, the conveyor belt will lose balance, their deviation.


In addition, the roller surface can be swollen by the surface of the material. The thickness of the water film between the roller and the conveyor belt will increase, prone to slip phenomenon so that the conveyor belt deviation.


So how to try to prevent the emergence of the above situation? We have to according to the actual rain to make the appropriate adjustments!


An automatic tensioning device and self-moving tail with the use of the conveyor can be achieved without stopping the conditions to achieve the movement of the conveyor tail and conveyor belt expansion and contraction, greatly improving the conveyor efficiency.


The life of the roller bearing is closely related to the rotational resistance and sealing performance of the roller.


The roller with average rotation resistance of 1N, roller bearing life of up to 15 years.2.5-3N idler, roller bearing life up to 5 years; 5-8N roller, roller bearing life can not exceed 1 year. The criteria for judging vary according to mechanical properties and importance, as well as the inspection cycle.If the following damage, the roller bearing shall not be reused, must be replaced.


1) Roller accessories roller bearing parts of the fracture and defects.


2) Rolling surface of the stripping.


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