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Electromagnetic Iron Remover VS Permanent Magnet Iron Remover - What is the Difference?

Dec. 30, 2021

Electromagnetic iron removers use induction magnetic fields generated by conducting coils, while permanent magnet iron removers use permanent magnetic fields generated by permanent magnetic blocks. The most basic difference between the two is that one requires electricity and the other does not.


Permanent magnet iron remover

Permanent Magnet Iron Remover

Permanent magnet iron remover uses special permanent magnets with high remanence, "neodymium iron bungee". It will naturally produce powerful magnets without electricity to remove the ferromagnetic impurities in the material. The permanent magnet iron remover still has magnetic force without electricity, and its magnetic life is very long demagnetization rate is low. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, easy to use, reliable operation, etc.


Electromagnetic iron remover

Electromagnetic Iron Remover

An electromagnetic iron remover is electrically energized, the electric magnetism generates a strong suction force to remove magnetic impurities in the material. The electromagnetic iron remover is designed with a unique structure of excitation coil. In the energized state, it can produce a high field magnetic field, and the magnetic force will subside immediately after power failure. There is no magnetic force when the magnet is not energized. It has the characteristics of large permeability depth, strong suction force, dustproof, rainproof, and corrosion resistance. In an extremely harsh environment can still be a reliable operation.


Application range differentiation

Electromagnetic iron remover magnetic force is strong, can suck up 0.1 - 35 kg of material at one time, but can not work continuously for a long time; and permanent magnetic separator is suitable for less ferromagnetic materials, when the adsorption of more ferromagnetic impurities, manual removal of impurities, suitable for continuous work in the environment containing less iron.



From the technical characteristics of the electromagnetic iron remover and a permanent magnet, the separator can be roughly understood, permanent magnet iron remover and electromagnetic iron remover produce different magnetic force principles of the scope of application is also different. Generally speaking, electromagnetic iron removers are usually designed with a special cooling system because the coil heats up, while permanent magnet iron removers do not heat up when used because of their structure, so they do not need a cooling system. Please choose the separator according to your specific task. No matter which one you need, as an iron remover supplier, we offer high-quality permanent magnetic iron remover and electromagnetic iron remover. Please feel free to contact us if you need them!