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Work Principle and Application of Magnetic Pulley

Apr. 02, 2022

Work Principle and Application of Magnetic Pulley


How Magnetic Pulleys Work

If you’ve never seen one, you may be surprised to find that a magnetic pulley doesn’t look like a typical pulley. Instead of a giant hook with a rope draped over it, a magnetic pulley looks like a large drum at the end of a conveyor belt, just like the one Lucy and Ethel struggled with. The belt wraps around the magnetic drum before looping back to the beginning.

Before products reach the magnetic pulley, they have already gone through a series of separation techniques, which may also involve magnets, to sort out larger ferrous material. The magnetic pulley resides at the end of the separation process — a last line of defense, so to speak, against unwanted foreign particles.

As the conveyor belt wraps around the magnetic pulley, any ferrous material, such as an errant nail, will attract to the magnetic drum through the belt. As it wraps around and down, the non-ferrous material is pulled down by gravity and deposited into a chute for further processing, while ferrous material holds onto the magnetic drum long enough to travel beneath the belt and then be deposited into a separate chute and removed from the facility.


Few Common Industries Where Magnetic Pulley Are Used

• Metal Ore Processing

• Waste Water Treatment Plant

• Foundry

• Food Processing

• Plastic

• Pallet Recycling

• Ceramic

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Few More Features to Look for in Magnetic Pulleys

• Robust metal body capable of enduring everyday wear and tear.

• Has a polished finish to keep them protected from abrasion and corrosion

• A durable and reliable choice with multiple applications.

• Less longitudinal movement so the pulley needs less maintenance.

• Can rotate smoothly and fulfil its purpose without any hassle

• Ideal for ferrous metal recovery

• Can be easily attached with the existing system

• Doesn’t consume much energy when working


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