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Ring Conveyor Belt



The production and manufacture of annular conveyor belt comes to hebei hengguang conveyor machinery manufacturing co., LTD., specializing in the production of various types of annular conveyor belt, can produce various types of different annular conveyor belt according to customer demand, welcome to consult custom!Circular conveyor belt is not a separate existence, but a process, is the expression of conveyor belt, this kind of ring all kinds of conveyor belt conveyor belt is made into ring endless conveyor belt, the conveyor belt take on the shape of a ring has no joints, and if required to make the ring, then saw a plane has a joint of the conveyor belt.

There are many types of circular conveyor belt. Let's have a comprehensive understanding of its model, parameters and types.

1. Polyester (EP) canvas

2. Non working face 0-4.5mm

3. Bandwidth: 400-2200mm

Hebei hengguang transport machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Specializes in the production of various specifications of idlers, conveyor belt mine conveyor, can be customized to map, short duration, excellent quality, fair price, welcome to contact us.

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