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  • Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt Core
  • Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt Core
  • Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt Core
  • Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt Core

Sidewall Rubber Conveyor Belt Core

Sidewall conveyor belt function as a barrier to maintain products from diminishing the belt and is perfect for situations where items communicate on an incline or decrease. Sidewall conveyor belt have an adaptable layout that works with both little and big pulley diameters. Our sidewall conveyor belt will aid make best use of product lots capacity to improve your conveyor systems general effectiveness, causing profits development.



Cotton/Nylon/EP/Steel Cord


made of  enforced fabric, solid, anti-shock to avoid distortion

Types: T, TS, C, TC and TCS

"TS" and "TCS"  are normally used for abrasion condition

"T" and "TS"  are normally used up to 40 degree

"TC" and "TCS" are normally used from 40 degree to 90

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Sidewall Conveyor Belt Features

a) increases the transmission angle (30 to 90 degrees);

b) small footprint, low investment;

c) throughput, a high degree of upgrading higher;

d) to tilt from horizontal (or vertical) to a smooth transition;

e) sala for easy transportation of powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like materials;

f)  low consumption, simple structure, belt high strength, long service life.


Coal-fired and wood chip power plants

Underground mining (coal and ore)

Shaft conveying for tunnelling and underground mining

Steel industry

Ship loading and unloading, ship-to-ship loading

Sand preparation for foundries

Silo feeding

Slope conveying for open pit mining

Waste recycling, soil purification and water treatment

Handling large material flows in horizontal paths


- No transfer points from the inlet hopper to the discharge point

- Higher handling capacity

- No material spillage

- Minimal maintenance

- Maximum space utilization 

- Low power requirements

The parameter relationship of the base belt width and flange height is as the following table(mm):

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Sidewall  Conveyor Belt Pecifications:

a) Core Material: Nylon/EP/Cotton/Steel cord

b) Width of base belt : 300 mm-1400mm

c) No. of fabric plies: 2-10

d) Plastic cover: Face:1.5-8 mm non-Face: 0 mm-4.5mm

e) Standard: DIN22102, BS490, AS1332, RMA, JISK6322, SABS1173

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