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A Belt Conveyor for Loading Cars

Mar. 19, 2020

The belt conveyors used for loading are generally mobile belt conveyors. The movable belt conveyors with lifts do not limit the use of the site. The belt conveyors have rolling wheels under them for easy movement, loading and unloading. A belt conveyor that can load and unload irregular materials such as fertilizers, cement, soybeans, corn, etc. The lifting movement replaces the manual loading and unloading truck, which can save a lot of manual labor.

I. Overview of Mobile Belt Conveyor

Mobile belt conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk materials or boxes and bags in grain, light industry, loading, chemicals, building materials, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc., especially suitable for manual loading in fertilizer plants, cement plants, etc. Used in a car environment, saving a lot of personnel.


The mobile belt conveyor is composed of a fuselage frame, a walking wheel, a universal wheel, and a lifting device. Among them, the fuselage frame is generally made of steel pipe to reduce its own weight and improve the mobility and lightness of the belt conveyor. The lifting device is an electric lifting device, which reduces the danger and operating intensity caused by manual lifting.

Use patterned conveyor belt to prevent slippage when transporting packaging materials or bulk materials

The mobile belt conveyor adopts a motor reducer to lift, which is simple to lift and save manpower. The lift of the motor can easily and conveniently adjust the conveying angle of the conveyor.

Belt Conveyor,

Belt Conveyor

Equipment Features

① The mobile belt conveyor is applicable to any site. It can work normally indoors or outdoors, minimizing rainy operations.

② Good mobility. Under normal circumstances, an adult man can move without any problems. With good passability, it can be directly used for loading operations, material transfer, etc., and it can also be used for logistics loading and unloading operations.

③ Easy to operate. The machine is equipped with a control electric box, including a main control switch and a lift switch. No manual attendance is required.

Fourth, equipment maintenance matters

①. Minimize the operation of the mobile belt conveyor in wet environments and rainy days to prevent the body and components from being rusted and damaged due to long-term contact with moisture.

② Regularly check the direction of the conveyor belt to ensure the stable running direction of the conveyor belt and avoid unnecessary losses due to the deviation of the conveyor belt.

③ Regularly inspect the fuselage fasteners to ensure the good condition of the bolts and tensioning devices, add lubricants in a timely manner to ensure the lubrication of the bearings, regularly check the rollers and other, replace damaged components, and ensure the normal use of the belt conveyor.

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