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What is the situation of screw shaft stop of screw conveyor?

Jun. 14, 2019

What is the situation of screw shaft stop of screw conveyor?

The structure of screw conveyor is simple, but Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer shares that in the process of specific operation, several problems are often encountered. Everything has a wear period, especially non-standard products such as machinery. Inevitably, there will be unexpected problems in use.

One, the screw shaft of the screw conveyor stop rotating is generally caused by three reasons;

1. The conveying material is too large to pass through the intermediate suspension bearing smoothly, and the resistance of the intermediate bearing material is too large. Causes the motor to stop running when overloaded. At this point, the material in the screw conveyor must be cleaned.

2. The middle bearing resistance is too large and the seal is damaged. Material entering the bearing causes non-rotation of the bearing or damage to the bearing.

3. Reducer bearing is burnt out.

Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer

Ii. The temperature of reducer bearing rises too fast after driving, and there is abnormal noise, accompanied by vibration of motor and reducer. At this point, you should quickly stop and find out why:

1. High bearing temperature of reducer output shaft. The input shaft temperature is normal. This is because the center of the screw shaft is offset or the bearing on the reducer output shaft is burnt out. It is necessary to loosen the connection between the reducer output shaft and the screw shaft to recalibrate the installation.

2. The bearing temperature of the output shaft of reducer is normal, while the temperature of the input shaft is high. This is due to the motor fixed assembly loose or the reducer output shaft bearing burned out. Loosen the connection between the reducer input shaft and the motor to recalibrate the installation.

3. High speed reducer output temperature and input bearing temperature. This is because the reducer fixed bolts loose or the reducer ends of the bearings burned out. Loosen the coupling at both ends of the reducer and recalibrate the installation!

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