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Safety instructions for belt conveyor

May. 30, 2019

Safety instructions for belt conveyor:

1. China Conveyor belt roller supplier shares that belt line fixed belt conveyor should be installed on a solid basis; Belt line first mobile belt conveyor in operation before the wheel should be symmetric wedge. When working in parallel with multiple machines, channel more than 1m should be left between each other. There should be no accumulation around the conveyor that hinders the work.

2. Before starting, the tightness of the conveyor belt should be adjusted, the belt buckle should be firm, the bearing, gear, chain and other transmission components should be good, the idlers and protective devices should be complete, the zero or ground connection of electrical protection should be good, and the width of the conveyor belt and the drum should be consistent. Circular belt conveyor line

3. When starting, it should run without load first. Only after running normally can it be loaded evenly. Do not start after loading first.

4. When several conveyors feed in series, they shall start in sequence from one end of discharging, and only after all of them run normally can they be loaded.

5. When feeding, the center of the conveyor belt should be aligned and the height should be reduced to reduce the impact of blanking on the conveyor belt and idlers. Feeding should be kept even.

China Conveyor belt roller supplier

6. In the operation, the machine should be observed at any time, when the transportation with slack or deviation phenomenon, should stop for adjustment.

7. When working, no one is allowed to pass under the conveyor belt or cross over it. When the conveyor belt skids, it is forbidden to pull it by hand. It is strictly forbidden to clean up or overhaul during operation. Express delivery line

8. When transporting bulk materials, the two sides of the conveyor belt should be equipped with material board or fence and other protective devices.

9. Adjusting the unloading height of the conveyor should be carried out when stopping. After adjustment, the connecting nut shall be tightened and the safety pin shall be inserted.

10. When the transportation needs to stop, the loading shall be stopped first, and the machine can stop only after the materials on the conveyor belt are unloaded. When several conveyors are stopped in series, they shall stop in sequence from the feeding end.

11. When the power supply is interrupted or the machine stops suddenly due to other reasons, the power should be cut off immediately to clear the materials on the conveyor belt. Only after the call or troubleshooting, can the power be connected to start the operation.

12. After the completion of the operation, the power supply should be disconnected, lock the power switch box, remove the sand on the conveyor, and cover the motor with rain shield.

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