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Notes for belt conveyor operation

Jun. 03, 2019

Notes for belt conveyor operation

  1. First, operating personnel conditions

China Conveyor belt roller supplier shares that the operator must pass the professional training examination, obtain the operation qualification certificate, and hold the certificate to take up the post. Be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle of roller machine, the principle of communication and control integration system and inspection and test method, be able to maintain the belt machine and deal with general faults correctly.

  1. 2. Attention during operation

2.1. Check the intact condition and fastening condition of each part before operation, and confirm no problem before formal operation.

2.2. It is strictly forbidden to use belt type aircraft to transport equipment and heavy materials.

2.3. When the gas concentration in the air flow within 20 meters near the motor and switch of the conveyor reaches 1.5%, it must stop working. Cut off the power and evacuate the crew.

China Conveyor belt roller supplier

3. Attention to equipment maintenance

3.1 It is forbidden to clean the drum of the head and tail of the belt conveyor when it is running.

3.2 All power sources must be cut off before unloading the drum part of the machine head.

3.3 Do not touch the belt directly with your hands, feet or other parts of your body when the belt runs off.

3.4  In the belt machine maintenance, fault treatment or other work, must close the control switch of the belt machine, put up a warning sign, and press the emergency stop button.

3.5 Often check the belt machine maintenance record, and keep it intact.

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