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Disposal of belt conveyor slippage and belt deviation

May. 22, 2019

Disposal of belt conveyor slippage and belt deviation shared by Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer.

1. Screw tensioning or hydraulic tensioning belt machine skidding using screw tensioning element or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor can be adjusted when the skidding stroke to increase the tensioning force. However, sometimes the tension stroke is not good, the belt has a permanent deformation, at this time can be cut off a section of the belt from the beginning of intermittent vulcanization.

2. In the use of nylon belt or EP is to request a longer tensioning stroke, when the stroke is not available when you can also DE vulcanization or increase the tension stroke to deal with.

3. Hammer tensioning belt conveyor belt skidding using hammer tensioning equipment belt conveyor belt skidding in the belt can increase the weight to handle, increase until the belt does not slip. But should not increase too much, avoid to make the belt accept do not want too much tension and decline the use of the belt life. 

Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer

There are a variety of reasons for deviation, which should be treated differently according to different reasons:

1. Adjust the bearing idlers.

2. Set up aligning idlers.

3. Belt tensioning adjustment is a very important part of the adjustment of the cell deviation of the belt conveyor.

4. Adjust the position of the driving drum and the reversing drum. The adjustment of the driving drum and the reversing drum is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment.

5. Two-way work belt conveyor running pain adjustment.

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