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How to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt?

Oct. 14, 2019

Today, conveyor belts are now widely used in factories, and most manufacturers use conveyor belts. But if the conveyor belt suddenly tears during work, it becomes very troublesome. Although this situation is not many, it is difficult to remove it without a case. Therefore, when we encounter the condition of the conveyor belt damage, how should we reduce the wear of the conveyor belt, so as not to affect the normal work? Here are some measures to be given by the conveyer belt factory.

How to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt?

1. Avoid cracking from the source, strengthen the quality control of the conveyor belt, add decontamination equipment, remove impurities, reduce magazines and multiple coals. In recent years, with the improvement of coal quality, the phenomenon of tearing the conveyor belt due to impurities has been greatly reduced. ;

2. Add crack detection equipment, check the results in the shortest time, announce the alarm and stop the machine. Because the belt tear is caused by various factors, the cracking of the conveyor belt cannot be completely avoided. The recently applied tear-proof equipment and inspection equipment are mainly It is a tearing inspection device, generally located at the blanking point, consisting of a sensor and a manipulator. The sensor is placed under the conveyor belt or next to the chute. The manipulator is mounted on the machine side or indoors. When the debris tears the conveyor belt, it is worn. Through the debris or material of the conveyor belt kneading sensor, the sensor sends a signal to the controller, the controller announces the alarm signal and stops. There are many ways for this type of equipment, and the principle is similar;

3. Strengthen the management of mechanical equipment, improve the inspection and inspection of conveyor belts, and avoid sharp objects such as linings falling off;

4. Improve the structure of the belt conveyor, reduce the drop of the blanking point, add buffer equipment, and the fine material first falls on the falling of the bulk material, etc., reduce the impact, slow down the material, and reduce the probability of the magazine being inserted into the conveyor belt;

5. Select the detectable tear industrial conveyor belt, add the sensor with closed loop in the product, the detector is installed in the easy to tear part, the detector is connected to the manipulator, in normal operation, the sensor passes the monitor to announce the pulse. The sensor coil is cut off, and when the sensor passes the detector, it detects that it stops the announcement pulse, and after the controller is subjected to the alarm, it announces the alarm signal and stops;

6. Select tear-resistant heat-resistant conveyor belt and rubber wide belt that can be inspected. The port is rarely used. Some mines are used. The tear-resistant conveyor belt uses steel wire rope as the longitudinal skeleton material, and the horizontal reinforcement is added to the belt body as the anti-corrosion conveyor. The tear layer, the structure of the layer is divided into two types: one is a rubber mesh cloth; the other is a horizontal rope, the mask layer is made of high-glue rubber, high elasticity, good wear resistance, masking for different purposes. The glue has six different grades.

The above is the compensation measures that can be done when the conveyor belt is damaged. I wonder if you have learned it? Of course, the violations of the employees during the operation are not excluded, but the situation is still as small as possible. We are a China conveyer belt factory, providing a variety of products such as conveyor belt for chemical plant and polymer rollers. Welcome to inquire.

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