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What details should be paid attention to when storing industrial belts?

Jun. 27, 2019

What details should be paid attention to when storing industrial belts?

Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer shares that even if different industrial belts are used in different mechanical products, but for the use of enterprises, industrial belt storage knowledge is still necessary, understand how to store industrial belts, can extend the service life of industrial belts.

Industrial belt storage:

1. The belt and pulley should be kept clean and free from oil and water.

2. When belt is installed, check the transmission system, whether the transmission shaft is perpendicular to the driving wheel, whether the driving shaft is parallel to the driving shaft, whether the driving wheel is in a plane, and if not, correct it.

3. Do not stain the belt with grease or other chemicals.

4. When belt is installed, do not apply direct force to the belt with tools or external force.

Belt Conveyor Machine manufacturer

5. The temperature range of belt is -40°-120°C.

6. During storage, the belt shall not be deformed by excessive weight, prevent mechanical damage, and shall not be excessively bent or squeezed.

7. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or rain or snow, keep clean and avoid contact with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances that affect the quality of rubber.

8. Storage warehouse temperature should be maintained between -15~40 degrees Celsius relative humidity should be maintained between 50%~80%.

Due to the performance and material of each brand industrial belt is different, so in the storage mode, each industrial belt is still some different, but all changes are the same, hope to help users.

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