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General classification and application field of double-sided tooth synchronous belt

Jul. 04, 2019

General classification and application field of double-sided tooth synchronous belt

Coal mine Conveyor belt supplier shares that according to its main materials, there are two kinds of double-sided tooth synchronous belt: neoprene double-sided tooth synchronous belt and polyurethane double-sided tooth synchronous belt.

Double-sided teeth according to the characteristics of its tooth shape can be divided into: trapezoidal double-sided teeth synchronous belt and arc double-sided teeth synchronous belt.

Double-sided tooth synchronous belt mainly includes models: d-xl, d-l, d-d, hd-xh, d-xxh, d-t2.5, d-t5, d-t10, d-t20, d-at10, htd. da-3m, htd. da-5m, htd. da-8mhtd, da-14mhtd, da-s8m

Double-sided tooth synchronous belt, by the structure lightweight, no slip difference meshing transmission, low noise and other characteristics by the general machinery, textile, precision instrument, petrochemical, communication cable and other industries know, recognized and widely used. It not only integrated the advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission, overcome other transmission belt skid, elongation and other shortcomings, constitute a unique transmission mode, and with a constant speed ratio, speed of large range, compact structure, farm multi-shaft transmission, oil resistance, moisture resistance, do not need lubrication and many other advantages and deep in the heart. Double-sided tooth synchronous belt development success, in the requirements of a belt drive and the opposite direction, or the installation position requirements are particularly compact, or in the main drive and auxiliary drive linkage and other high transmission requirements, all reflect its excellence; Super bending performance, super high tensile strength, precise mesh, low signal to noise ratio and so on.

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