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The Service Life of The Roller is Related to Those Factors

Feb. 07, 2020

With the growth of society, more and more technological products are used in people's survival. Groove rollers are a kind of rigidity often used in the survival of contemporary society. What are its characteristics?

Rubber lagged roller supplier introduces you: the grooved roller used in production has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali salts can make it non-corrosive. And its hardness is very strong, and its abrasion resistance is also very strong. It can be used forever in production. The grooved rollers used in production have good sealing properties. When it is completely sealed, plastic labyrinth seals will be installed on both ends to protect the naughty grease from leaking. It can also ensure that the roller can run normally during the sealing period.

The trough idler generally uses ceramic as the appearance. It can form an oxide film. The rigid appearance is very smooth. It does not stick to materials. Driving force. The service life of this example roller is very long, it is many times longer than that of the steel roller, and it can eliminate belt wear, ensure that the belt does not run, and extend the belt's service life. The use of such rollers in social production can reduce the cost of belt conveyors.

Trough Idler

Trough Idler

Protect trough idler china in three aspects:

a. Protection of buffer roller temperature: When the temperature of the belt conveyor roller and belt friction causes the temperature to exceed the limit, the detection device installed close to the roller sends an over-temperature signal. After receiving the signal, the receiver delays for 3s to enable Part of the action, cut off the power supply to the motor, the conveyor automatically stops and plays a role of temperature protection.

b. Buffer roller speed protection: If the conveyor fails, such as motor burnout, mechanical transmission part damage, belt or chain break, belt slip, etc., the magnetic switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the conveyor driven part Can not be closed or can not be closed at normal speed. At this time, the control system will follow the inverse time limit characteristic and after a certain delay, the speed protection circuit will work to make the execution part act and cut off the power supply to the motor to avoid the accident from expanding.

c. Coal level protection of buffer roller coal bunker:

There are two coal level electrodes in the coal bunker. When the coal bunker can not put coal because there is no empty car, the coal level will gradually rise. When the coal level rises to the high electrode, the coal level protection action starts from the first conveyor Each conveyor stopped in turn because of coal piled at the tail.